Harrisonville School District Teachers and Students Receive Grants from the Harrisonville Public School Foundation

Teachers and students in the Harrisonville School District recently received more than $3,500 in grants from the Harrisonville Public School Foundation.

Throughout the 15 years of the teacher grant program, more than $88,000 has been presented to teachers.  The goal of the program is to enhance the education of Harrisonville students by encouraging and recognizing new educational approaches and concepts that are not currently funded by the district.

The grants were awarded in a surprise squad format with Foundation trustees surprising the teachers in their classrooms and presenting them with a check.

Teacher grants were awarded to the following:

Karli Enderle of McEowen Elementary received a grant to purchase cuisenair math rod manipulatives to provide hands-on learning for complex fraction concepts such as equivalent fractions, unit fractions, comparing fractions, and adding, subtracting multiplying, and dividing fractions.

Micalah Thayer of Harrisonville Middle School to purchase books for his literature circle library that will allow for more student choice in the classroom and individualized learning through novel studies, which in turn will help students develop a personal interest and love for reading.

Amanda Teeter and Kathy Jackson of Harrisonville Elementary to purchase a visual sight words resource called Snap Cards which will be used for a reading intervention for students that are struggling to read sight words.  These cards provide a visual representation of the word that will aid students in visual memory.

Chandra Kelly of Cass Career Center to purchase two Canon EOS Rebel Camera packages to be used by students in the Criminal Justice/CSI program to help practice crime scene investigation skills.

Justin Sharp of Harrisonville High School received a grant to support the robotics team competitions. This grant was funded by Family Center.