Henry County Sheriff’s Office News Release

Highway Safety Hazardous Moving Violations / Aggressive Driving Traffic Enforcement Saturation — Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, 2019

Henry County Sheriff Kent Oberkrom is pleased to announce that deputies of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office will be gearing up again this year and watching for hazardous moving violations on primary highways throughout Henry County over the holiday seasons.  With a grant awarded by the Missouri Department of Transportation / Division of Highway Safety, and working in a combined effort with the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, deputies will be conducting vehicles stops for observed violations during grant enforcement periods.  The goal of all participating agencies is to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes, as well as fatalities resulting from motor vehicle crashes on state highways each year.

The grant applications, which were completed and submitted by Sheriff Kent Oberkrom and Major Rob Hills, awarded the Sheriff’s Office $ 7,000 dollars for overtime traffic enforcement salaries, as well as additional monies for the purchase of new traffic enforcement radar equipment, as well as the funding for the complete implementation of electronic citations (e-ticketing) equipment for each deputy and patrol vehicle.

Grant funding will pay deputies for additional enforcement activities over the holiday travel periods in 2019 and 2020, including various weekends throughout the summer months when the traffic volume drastically increases in Henry County.

Over the past year, this same grant had been utilized over the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays in 2018, along with the Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day holidays in 2019.