Henry County Sheriff’s Report

January 15, 2019 0700 a.m. – January 16, 2020

0635 Deputy Ferguson responded to the complaint of a Careless and Imprudent Driver/UTL

0731 Deputy Ferguson conducted traffic enforcement at Montrose School

0752  Deputy Ferguson contacted a citizen in reference to property damage/HBO

0818 Deputy Ferguson attempted paper service/negative contact

0900 Cpl Dody and Deputy Romi conducted bailiff duties in Associate Court

0907 Deputy Ferguson performed vehicle maintenance

0935 Deputy Ferguson responded to a well-being check/HBO

1001 Deputy Ferguson attempted paper service/Negative contact

1044 Deputy Ferguson patrolled the Urich and Mullin Cemetery

1151 Deputy Ferguson responded to a business alarm/False Alarm

1227 Deputy Ferguson patrolled Whitaker Lake

1248 Deputy Ferguson responded to a business alarm/false alarm/key holder contacted

1337 Deputy Ferguson was contacted reference a computer scam/information given

1357 Deputy Ferguson patrolled the Tightwad area

1500 Deputy Ferguson responded to a suspicious activity/report taken

1653 Deputy Ferguson responded to the report of an assault/information given and information taken

1811 Deputy Ferguson was contacting in reference to a civil matter/HBO

2024 Deputy Graham conducted follow up stealing investigation

2208 Deputy Graham patrolled the Urich area

2312 Deputy Graham conducted business checks in the Urich area

2352 Deputy Graham was contacted regarding threats / information taken

0209 Deputy Graham patrolled the Montrose area

0318 Deputy Graham conducted business escort in the Montrose area

0344 Deputy Graham conducted business checks in the Montrose area

0509 Deputy Graham checked abandoned vehicle

Deputies were present in: Calhoun, Clinton, Montrose, Urich, Tightwad, Coal, Windsor, Calhoun, Deepwater, Mullin Cemetery

Jail Administrator reports 99 male and 13 female inmates being held at the Henry County Detention Center and on pre-trial release