Hometown Hero: Eva Cumpton

Butler Graduate of 2014 works to provide students and families with food by organizing a Food Drive for the Adrian School District’s Backpack Food Program, which is currently funded by the school faculty and provides backpacks for 30 students.

Eva Cumpton graduated from Butler High School in 2014, and (currently) she is a Pittsburg State Social Work Student. As she learned more about this program, it became apparent to Eva that she needed to help.

“Every children deserves to go home and know when they get hungry there is food. Also, for these school faculty members to spend money from their paychecks to help these children spoke to my heart,” says Cumpton.

Cumpton’s Food Drive is currently underway and will continue until Wednesday, April 15th. Cumpton has set her goal at 300 items to be distributed between the 30 backpacks. There are donation boxes in Adrian: Byrd’s Pecans, Dollar General, The Wine Journal, and Yoss Thriftway.

Those of us a KMAM/KMOE encourage Eva and thank her for all she has done for the community with this project. You are a Hometown Hero!

For more information about the Food Drive for the Adrian School District’s Backpack Food Program or how to get involved contact Eva at 660-424-9272.