Hometown Hero: The Carpenters Cup Christian Gift and Book Store and So much More!

THE CARPENTERS CUP JUST CELEBRATED THEIR 6TH ANNIVERSARY!!! This store began as a Christian bookstore, selling Bibles, books, Christian gifts and cards, and selling specialty coffee’s.

While they sell Bibles and books, Christian gifts, and still have hot and cold coffees and lattes, frappuccino’s, hot and cold Chai tea lattes, flavored teas, Italian cream sodas, blended lemonades, and smoothies, we have added selling our own “Cross of Jesus” t shirts , selling chocolate covered strawberries (especially at Valentines!), making homemade candies at Christmas.

The Carpenters Cup emboss Bibles, offers gift wrapping all year long (and free if the gift is purchased here). They make candy bouquets and now have balloon bouquets and are extending their customized, personalized gifts to other items.

But while this is what we do to keep the store open, the ministry part of the store has also expanded. The Carpenters Cup has a Bible study every Monday morning starting at 1030 (and you are invited), there is a men’s Bible study every other Saturday at 9 AM.

 With the help of this community, during the Covid shut down thousands of meals were not only given out, but delivered. People continue to bring food in and they give it away.

The blessings box outside is frequently restocked and depleted. With your help, they give out fans and air conditioners, blankets, hats, coats, gloves, socks, and homeless bags with food items and personal care items.

The Carpenters Cup Christian Gift and Book Store gather supplies and money you bring in to get kids ready for school and put shoes and socks on their feet. They prepare and give away a free Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving day. They give away baskets of Thanksgiving meals you bring to them to give. They help get families Christmas when they need help with presents and food baskets. The Carpenters Cup located in Butler gives away donations from Arm and Hammer and Giving the Basics. They help collect clothing, household items, furniture, and appliances to give away every month (weather permitting).

Thank you for your support over the past 6 years. It’s been an honor and a privilege working beside you for the greater good. Praying God’s blessings on all of you and that the Carpenters Cup will continue to grow.

The Carpenters Cup is located on Bishop Street just west of the Dollar Tree on business I-49 in Butler. Thank you from the community for all you do.