Hometown Radio 92.1 and 1530 Serving you since 1962

With the closing of the Butler and Adrian Newspaper, the community is without readable news, in paper form.  92.1 Radio Station has been a daily news source for our 8 county area since 1962. This hometown radio station provides live news at 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. This news is complimented by readable news on the web from our www.921news.com site. All news received is posted to this site daily sometimes hourly and may be read at your convenience.

The 92.1 County news is also available through Facebook by searching for KMAM KMOE. 92.1 provides live information every day by the Disc Jockeys as they keep you informed of daily community events that are happening.

92.1 takes our business seriously and is dedicated to providing news, sports and weather to our audience. We encourage you to support this radio station. The license is for the city of Butler, but we provide news and event information for 8 counties that surround the tower.

FM 92.1 is on the air 24 hours a day- 7 days each week. The AM side, known as KMAM 1530 is allowed to be on the air from sunrise to sunset.

Our hope is that we can help fill in the gap and provide “ readable” news for those that can’t join us daily for our 9 am and 5 pm local news.

When you have News that needs to reach the public or need to purchase advertising for an event. Call the Sales Department of 92.1 and we will be honored to assist your need.