How to submit your News to us.

92.1 Local News: Your Go-To Source for Breaking News

Every day, news is happening in every town and county across the nation. And if you have important information you want to share with a mass audience, 92.1 Local News is the perfect platform to help you do it.

Whether you want to share a story about a local event, provide updates on community happenings, or announce a new business opening, 92.1 Local News can help spread the word to a wide audience. With its strong presence in the local community, the platform offers a range of services to help you get your message out.

To submit your news or events, simply visit or call the newsroom at 660-679-4191. Whether you have a press release, a news tip, or a community announcement, the team at 92.1 Local News is ready and waiting to help you share your story.

Remember, news never stops. Stay informed and up-to-date on the latest events and happenings in your community by reading and listening to 92.1 Local News.

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