Hume After-Prom Program needs your donations

Hume R-V111 School is planning for after-prom program for 46 Hume Juniors and Seniors as well as underclassman. 

After-prom Program is a safe and drug free night of entertainment for students after prom and Hume has had a 100% attendance to this event for several years. 

This years Hume students have opted to travel to Nevada for bowling, movie, and a trip to the Nevada YMCA.  The After-prom program is a non-profit program that provides the chosen entertainment along with games/contest for students to win prizes and money.  They also provide the Hume students with food and drink through out the night and breakfast in the morning before students go home if money allows.

This program is not possible without donations and support from the local community. Hume’s prom is set for March 4, 2021.  Hume After-Prom knows times are extremely hard right not due to Covid19, But they are doing their best to allow their kids to have the best (normal) after prom party possible. 

If you would like to donate to Hume After-Prom checks can be sent to

Hume After-Prom

Attention Jamie Harris

4265 S. 550 Rd

Hume Mo. 64752

Donations need to be sent by February 4, 2021