Hume Fair and Rodeo Princess Candidate, Baileigh Rogers

Baileigh Rogers is running for the 2019 Hume Fair Princess. She is 10 years old and her parents are Josh and Heather Rogers. Baileigh has two sisters, Brileigh and Bridleigh.  She lives in Hume and will be a 5th grader this year at Hume Elementary.  Baileigh loves to play sports like basketball and softball. In her free time she likes to play with her sisters and her bottle calf, Buddy.  She has attended the Hume Fair and Rodeo ever since she was born.  Baileigh’s favorite part has been participating in the Wild Pony Race and seeing her friends.

Baileigh is selling tickets on chances to win $550 worth of fabulous prizes. If you would like tickets call 660-200-6809 or 660-643-7121 and she will be happy to sell them to you.   Baileigh appreciates your support!  2019 Hume Fair and Rodeo is July 30th thru August 3rd.