Hume News

By Karen Irwin

The Independence Methodist Church and Cemetery Reunion was held on Sunday, October 20th at the Legion Hall in Hume, MO.  A bountiful carry in dinner was enjoyed with Paul Buschmann providing the meat for the noon meal.  There were close to 40 who attended the day. 

Last year they held their first reunion where they opened the box that had been buried in the cornerstone of the Independence Methodist Church.  This year Marion Swickhamer had carefully preserved each piece for viewing.

Carol Lee Wood, daughter of Harry and Ruby Blangy Lee was the guest speaker.  She did an excellent job and the following is a copy of the exact letter that her grandmother had written and included in the items of the box that was buried in the cornerstone so many years ago.  The letter was dated August 28, 1927.

“To our Children and there Children and future generations we extend greetings for yours hence.  We were at the Dedication of this Church in Aug of 1877, and again at the fiftieth Anniversary Aug. 28, 1927.  Many are the blessings that have come to us from church and S.S. services, we seen friends, neighbors, and children and childrens children brot in to the church and could tell by their illumined faces they were Happy and at peace with their savior, many have gone on before and their bodies Laid to rest in this beautiful cemetery.  It has been a Joy to our hearts to know in some way we may have been instrumental in bringing them to Christ.  If our influence has bin for good we shall feel we have Lived well, “For no man Livieth to himself alone” Our wish to posterity is that Gods choicest Blessings may come to them as we (as we) have enjoyed Blessings the fifty years just passed.  Mr. and Mrs J. W. Blangy.”

Even though there are some misspelled words, this letter is from the heart and it was wonderful to hear her Granddaughter read those words that her Grandmother wrote 92 years ago.  To think this letter was preserved in a tiny box in the cornerstone of a little country church for all those years.

The afternoon was spent with many memories and visiting.  The upkeep was discussed on the cemetery and a collection was taken up to help with mowing for the next year.  A show of hands decided to meet again next year at the same time at the Hume Legion Hall.

Don’t forget the Annual Lord’s Acre Day BBQ and Auction on Saturday, November 2 at the Hume United Methodist Church Basement.  The freewill donation meal will start at 11:00 a.m. and the auction will start at 1:00 p.m.  This has been going on for over 60 years or so.  Always a fun time!