Hunter Education Skills Sessions October 15th 2022 

Hunters wanting to complete their Hunter Education certification are required to complete two portions of the Hunter Education Course. The first portion is the Knowledge portion, followed by the Skills session. 

Students may complete the Knowledge portion one of two ways. First, students may go online to; there is a cost of $24.95 for this portion. Second, students may order a study guide online or pick one up at an MDC office or the Butler Police Department at 309 N Fulton in Butler free of charge. The study guide must be filled out and brought with them to the Skills session. Before students can attend the Skills session the Knowledge portion must be completed. 

Locations and availability of openings will be posted on the Missouri Department of Conservation website. The following Hunter Education Skills Sessions have been scheduled in Bates County for hunters wanting to complete their Hunter Education Certification: 

Saturday, October 15th, 9 am-1 pm, 4th of July Building, 501 East Park Street, Rich Hill, MO 

There is no charge for the Skills session classes. 

Students are required to attend and/or complete only one Skills session. Students must be 10 years old to take the online course and must be 11 years of age to take the Skills session.

Additional Hunter Education sessions and classes offered throughout the State of Missouri can be found by going online at  Registration can be done online or by calling Instructor Donna Morrison at 660-679-1511 or Conservation Agent Donald Tiller at 660-679-8228.