Immediate Press Release from the Linn County Sheriff’s Office

On Monday, December 13th  at 5:56am the Linn County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a burglary at the First Baptist Church in Parker, Kansas.

The caller stated that children’s Christmas presents had been stolen from within the Church. Upon arrival of the Linn County Deputy a search for evidence ensued, the Linn County Deputy located camera footage in the area. Based on camera footage from the location it appears that at approximately 3:10am a vehicle entered the area of the Church.

The camera footage is poor, see attached photos. More camera footage from the Parker area is being viewed to determine if anything else may be located.

Rodney Clinton – Treasurer of the First Baptist Church stated: “This is a real shame, if the people need help, they should have just asked, the Church is always willing to assist families in need. These gifts were to be delivered about the Parker area to children”. If anyone has any information regarding this burglary, the vehicle, or the person in the photo, please contact the Linn County Sheriff’s Office at (913) 795-2665, please ask for Detective Alex Cochrane.