Important Information, Rich Hill Back to School Procedures

Good afternoon!

I hope everyone is having a great week. Although we did not have our first day of school this past Monday, we are preparing for re-entry this upcoming Monday. I am still so excited to get students back into the building and doing so in a safe fashion. Per guidance from the health department, we are going to start the school year in phase orange. Students are encouraged to wear masks in the building, especially during transition times where social distancing is difficult.

With temperature checks occurring before students enter the building, I strongly encourage students to arrive in a timely manner so they do not run the risk of being late. It will take more time for students to enter the building due to these protocols but safety does come first.

Orange Phase Procedures
1. Junior High and High School students will enter the building through the double doors in front of the auditorium the same way as phase yellow. Here, students will have their temperatures checked.

2. All students will report to their first period class after passing temperature checks. If a student elects to eat breakfast, they will go to the cafeteria and pick up their breakfast and then proceed to their first period classroom. Only exceptions to this rule are students who have a teacher who is on duty at this time and they will be directed to where they are supposed to go.

3. Lockers will NOT be allowed during the orange phase. I encourage the use of backpacks during this time. Teachers will explain their expectations of backpacks in their classrooms.

4. 2nd breakfast will be cancelled during phase orange. If students eat breakfast at school, I encourage them to arrive at school earlier so they do not miss first breakfast.

5. Lunches will now be in student’s fifth period classroom. Students will report to their fifth period classroom immediately following fourth period (with the exception of Ag Construction) and be dismissed at their designated time to the cafeteria to obtain their lunch and return back to their fifth period class. Students will have 20 minutes that will be instruction free in the classroom to eat their lunch. Ag Construction students will go directly to the cafeteria after fourth period to pick up their lunch and report to the Ag building.

Acellus was pushed out this week to all students. This is the virtual platform that the district selected for students selecting that option. Although this is the primary curriculum for our virtual students, it will also be utilized for supplemental material for our on-campus students. This platform has many great features for both on-campus and virtual students that help the learning process.

I want to thank everyone for reading these updates and preparing your kids for the first day of school. I cannot wait to get the school year rolling and doing it in a safe manner. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at