In News From the Butler City Council

Written and Composed by Mid America Line

During the recent Butler city council meeting it was announced that the airport commission and local crop dusters have come to a conclusion that will work well for all regarding access to the tarmac and runway at Butler Municipal Airport, after concerns that access would be limited following asphalt resurfacing of this month. City Administrator Mike West said that access will continue ‘as is’ this year but next year plans call for construction of a paved area near the south end of the runway for ag planes and trucks used to fill them, including a new road from business 49 highway.   

Things get a bit crowded at the airport at times, as along with transient traffic, ag operations compete for space along with KC Skydive who regularly use the facility as well. It’s a good problem to have, showing there is a definitive need to have an airport in Bates County.

In other Butler City council news, work continues with a comprehensive plan lead by Kaysinger representative Ryan Peters. Peters is in the process of getting input from local residents and everyone should be expecting to get a questionnaire in the mail soon, if not already.

Butler Police Chief Wheatley reported that roof sealing is done at the police station and the next priority is to get the new radio console ordered. The old console has outlived its useful life and is not reliable, which could be a major problem in the event of an emergency. Good news is that the replacement is mostly funded by grant money and is expected to be in operation later this Summer.

The Butler Aquatic Center faced some problems last year regarding having enough personnel, but it was reported this year is much better even though revenue is down a little. The major challenge this year has been replacement of an air conditioning unit. A bid of $10,933 by Hoot Owl Heating and Air Conditioning of Butler was accepted which was just under the budgeted amount of $11,500 which should remedy that problem soon.

The city of Butler is quickly working toward getting new software that will allow customers to pay bills online easily and securely, this is a high priority, and more info should be revealed during the upcoming meeting.

Remember the Butler city council meets on the first and third Tuesdays, 7 pm at the Butler city hall. The public is highly encouraged to attend, and you can also join via Facebook Live through the city of Butler Facebook page.