Jamie Page Bates County Clerk January Minutes

Inetvisions / Personnel Appeal Request

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Ken Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

The Commissioners approved invoices.

Shane Balk with Inetvisions met with the Commission regarding providing IT services to the county.  Those also present were Carl Bettels, Jami Page and Danyelle Baker.  Each office holder discussed what the needs were for their office.  Shane discussed having one server for all the offices instead of each office having their own service.  He also discussed cybersecurity and what his company could do for the county.  Danyelle said that this would need to be put out for bid.  Shane is going to work on a bid for the offices in the Administration building and for the courthouse offices.  His bid will also include secure email addresses for the county employees.  Shane said he would be back next week to take an inventory of each office’s computers. 

Jami Page gave Trent Nelson a request from an employee who would like to be seen in front of the Personnel Appeals Panel.