Joe Hermann Retires After 49 Years of Service at Bates County memorial Hospital

Help us congratulate Joe Hermann, who officially retired on May 17, 2022 after 49 years of dedicated service to Bates County Memorial Hospital. Joe first began working in the laundry department at BCMH in 1973 as a senior in high school through an earned credits work program, and he was hired right after graduation in 1974. Joe remained in the laundry department for his career, later being promoted to Laundry Foreman. Over the years, Joe has been a dependable worker, ensuring patient and employee safety. His dedication included overtime and weekends during the pandemic to keep up with increased demand. Joe’s “laundry list” for retirement includes spending more time enjoying his favorite hobbies, playing pool and fishing for catfish. A reception was held in Joe’s honor on May 17. Joe was presented with a pool stick as a retirement gift from the hospital, presented by Chief Executive Officer Greg Weaver.