Keeping the supply chain moving: Transportation requirements relaxed

On March 17, the Missouri Department of Transportation expanded the motor carrier weight allowance to 100,000 lbs. for 53 ft. trailers (or longer) on non-interstate roads. This allowance applies to livestock, poultry and feed. If you would like to haul these commodities on interstate roads, you must apply for a permit from MoDOT’s Motor Carrier Services by calling 1-866-831-6277.

On March 18, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a National Emergency Declaration allowing hours-of-service relief for commercial vehicles delivering direct relief in response to COVID-19 (medical, food, temporary housing, etc.). This declaration includes livestock and ethanol.

MoDOT is also temporarily suspended all Missouri International Registration Plan and International Fuel Tax Agreement trip and fuel permit requirements, including fees, for vehicles not currently registered for interstate travel in Missouri during the declared COVID-19 emergency. A copy of the Trip and Fuel waiver document, available on MoDOT’s Motor Carrier Services webpage must be retained in each vehicle operating under this waiver and retained with the records kept by the driver for audit purposes.