Last week for Butler Youth Advocacy to be open this year.

The Bates County Youth Advocacy Council would like to say thanks to CASEY’S, MCDONALD’S, SONIC, FARMER’S INSURANCE(Heather Diehl), LUTHERAN LADIES, METHODIST LADIES, SHELTER INSURANCE(Bryan Tippie), OSAGE VALLEY, CATTLEMEN, GARY AND EVELYN MARROW, FOOD PANTRY, GOOD SHEPHERD HOSPICE. We would also like to thank the BUTLER CHURCH OF CHRIST and BUTLER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH for putting together food boxes for the families of our community. Thank you LIVING WORD CHURCH for the Walmart gift and also the BUTLER THRIFT SHOP( Pine and Havana st). Also thanks for all the hygiene product for the youth of our community. As we draw this year to a close this will be the last week for this school year. April 27th will be the last day open for this school year.