Letter from Butler School Superintendent Darin Carter

The Butler School Superintendent Darin Carter has released the following letter concerning the Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

Dear Parents and Students,

As you are likely aware, a solar eclipse is scheduled to occur on Monday, August 21st. The eclipse begins in our area at approximately 11:45-1:15 with the peak of the eclipse occurring around 1:10pm. We are excited about his once in a lifetime event and have several educational activities planned to celebrate the arrival. In preparation for the eclipse, the District purchased certified solar eclipse classes for all staff and students.

Unfortunately, Amazon recently informed us that they are unable to certify the safety of a large percentage of these glasses. This development, coupled with the ongoing liability and safety concerns regarding the danger of viewing the eclipse with the naked eye or improper glasses, has caused a change in our plans.

Student safety viewing is always our first priority, and therefore we will keep students indoors during the eclipse. We will stream the eclipse online for students to view in several classrooms as we know it is an exciting event. Please feel free to contact myself [Darin Carter] or the building principals should you wish to discuss this matter in greater detail.


Darin Carter