Life Unarmed: Fundraiser for Local Author/ Thank you for your Donations.

The community bands together to raise funds for a screenplay, which could later become a movie and the author is local resident Diana L Taylor of Butler.

The Fundraiser continues for local author, Diana L. Taylor of Butler. Diana is the author of Life Unarmed: My Story, “the true-life story of a four-year-old little girl who took over seven thousand volts of electricity through her body. Doctors told her parents to plan her funeral because she would not survive a week. Fifty years later, Life Unarmed: My Story is the story of her ‘life unarmed’.”

Recently, a company became interested in Taylor’s book and wants to turn the heartfelt book into a screenplay, which could later become a movie.

Due to legalities, Diana is required to come up with a substantial amount of money up front for this amazing opportunity to become a reality; however, unfortunately, Diana lives on a very limited budget.

To help this local author’s dream become a reality a Donations Account has been set up at the Community First Bank in Butler under the account holder name Thomas J. McArthur or Douglas Mager c/o Diana Taylor Fundraiser with a goal of $4,612.

For those who are able and willing, donations may be made at the Community First Bank to help this extraordinary and hardworking member of the Butler community see her dreams come true.

The deadline to donate is August 1st and any donations over the 4,700.00 dollars needed will be donated to the Carpenters Cup in Butler.

To date: June 10th, the total amount donated has been $2,700.00 toward the goal. Diana told 92.1 she is proud of her community and wants to give back or pay it forward. When and if the book becomes a movie, we can all say “ we helped do this”!

Thank you from Diana