Linn County Death Investigation

For Immediate Release: September 08, 2022
Re: Death Investigation
On September 07, 2022, at 5:51p.m. a call was received at the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, the caller stated that a deceased body was found in the area of 2400 and Iliff Rd., Fontana, Kansas. The location is just south of the Linn / Miami County Line near Middle Creek. The body was reported to be found in a hay field.
Deputies responded and confirmed the report. Detectives were called to begin investigation of the findings. Deputies canvassed the area and discovered a vehicle on the property in a wooded area, the vehicle and body were separated by some distance and not within site of one another. Items of personal property were found scattered about the property. The body was collected and sent for forensic review; the identity of the body is not confirmed at this time.
Linn County Deputies and Detectives departed the scene on September 7, 2022, after the collection of the body and all found property. Personnel has returned to the area on September 08, 2022, in the daylight hours to search for any other items. Detectives are being assisted by the Drone Operations Unit to fully search the property as it is a large area.
Linn County Detectives are working with the Ottawa Police Department on the investigation as we believe there may be a connection with a case from their jurisdiction. Upon positive identification of the found human remains further releases will be made.

Kevin J. Friend