Local Author Update on Screenplay of her Book

It’s been over a year since the community assisted Diana L. Taylor of Butler with a fundraiser to pay for the first stages of a screenplay, the goal was to turn her book into a movie.

Diana is a resident of Butler, and the author of a book called, “ Life Unarmed: My Story”.
The true life story about her childhood challenges growing up and her adult life after electrocution resulted in the loss of an arm and a leg.   The book caught the eye of screenplay artists and the ball started to roll.

Bates County helped raise several thousand dollars to begin the process.

To date, the company has completed the screenplay process and is sending it to the Screen Writers Guild of America located in California. They are in the process of registering the request and on the search to find producers interested in going forward with the movie.

Diana again thanks the community for their support and will keep you updated on the process.