Local Butler Bear Football Sponsors Memo to Clients

The Butler Bears Sports Sponsors are a group of local businesses that choose to support the live broadcast of each Butler Bears Football and Basketball game, in the form of advertising from the studios of FM 92.1

 The Butler Bears Sports Sponsor  ads are aired during each game and additional advertising during daytime hours Tuesday through Saturday, to provide continued advertising for a situation such as what is happening with the October 9th Football game.

The Friday night Butler Bears Football game was officially cancelled due to illness for the October 9th Game.

We want to inform all local businesses that advertise during the games, that their ads will play during daytime  hours and will be used between 7 and 9 pm on Friday night in place of the actual game.

We appreciate the Butler Bears Sports Sponsors and will make sure your commercials air even though the October 9th Butler Bears Football Game will not air as scheduled.

The Butler High School will keep us informed as to when the team will go back to the field.