Local Police Say “We will NOT be setting up roadblocks”

To the citizens of Bates County, we are aware of the Stay at Home Order issued by the Health Officials for Bates County. We understand that some of you may not fully understand the Stay at Home Order and what it means for Law Enforcement. We respectfully ask you, for the safety of your family and neighbors, to abide by the order issued. We ask that you do your part to help solve this for all of us.

Collectively, we want to limit any rumors that will surely arise out of this. We will NOT be setting up roadblocks to confirm that you are traveling for essential functions. We will NOT be making random traffic stops for the sole purpose of identifying your destination. If you are stopped for traffic violations or a criminal offense, that is a question commonly asked by law enforcement. You will NOT be required to provide any papers to prove you are on official essential duties or traveling for the purpose of an essential job. This order is enforceable through the courts if it becomes necessary but we as Chiefs and Sheriff feel that our community will continue to do their part to save lives within our community.

We appreciate all of your help and we are proud to serve in the communities that we do because there is no place like living here.

Sheriff Chad Anderson – Bates County Sheriff
Chief Jerret Wheatley – Butler Police Department
Chief Chris Dillon – Adrian Police Department
Chief Dave Johnson – Rich Hill Police Department