Local Resident Fighting Cancer Needs the Help of the Community

Long time Adrian school janitor, Wayne Hunt is preparing to fight for his life, for the third time in just 20 months. Here is Wayne’s story:

Back in early January of 2019 Wayne’s family starts to notice him being unsteady, off-balance…just not quite right and after a few weeks of running into walls and other alarming symptoms Wayne’s family finally convinced him to go get checked out. That ER trip confirmed his worst nightmare, he had a brain tumor. It was life-changing, and so devastating he was just 52 years old. He was and is the sole provider for his family.

That nightmare quickly became reality, on February 8th, 2019 a large meningioma brain tumor was removed, he was given a few weeks to recover from the complex surgery before he started aggressive radiation treatments. Monday-Friday 5 days a week. This was his life! Everyday was the same routine, wake up, drive 70 miles, get radiation treatment, drive 70 miles home, try to rest, and repeat…..33 times!! 33 total radiation treatments.

Almost 3 weeks into his aggressive treatment plan, Wayne suffers his first seizure. Over the next few months his seizures get worse and worse. Life flight was required to transport him twice, he spent weeks at a time recovering in the hospital, each seizure doing more neurological and physical damage than the last.

So in January 2020 they decided a second surgery was needed due to the seizures caused by some infections in the skull. Wayne fought so hard still!! Spending almost a full month in the hospital recovering, rehabilitation on every level, working hard everyday to get back to the man he used to be. The seizures took a toll and he had to relearn so much!

Wayne remained strong in his fight, regaining all that the tumor had taken away, by the end of March 2020 he was able to return to work, to the job he has loved for the last 20 years.

He was so grateful to be back working and providing for his family, but not long after returning to work he started to notice several hard lumps forming all over his head. So in May of this year Wayne went in for a follow up MRI to see what was going on. Possibly just scar tissue forming they told him. Come back in 3 months and we will look again, so here we are in August and Wayne just had his follow up MRI last week….it is in fact not scar tissue at all but his tumor has returned and not alone, there are more tumors, MRI confirmed multiple tumors.

So…Wayne Hunt’s brain tumor battle, round 3, coming soon. They are currently waiting on some test results to see if the new tumors are the same kind or something different all together. A treatment plan will be in place in the next week or two, which will most likely include surgery, and more radiation.

Wayne Hunt lives here in Butler, Mo, with his wife Rose, and their son, Alex. Rose gets a disability check but it’s small, Alex works part time, and they are doing the best they know how right now. THEY NEED OUR HELP BATES COUNTY!!!!

Please consider helping this family out. Wayne has no family close by, we are his family, we are all he has!! Show up and show Wayne he doesn’t have to fight alone!!!