Love Fund Account for the Brockman Family

A donation account has been set up for the Brockman Family of Butler at Community First Bank.  Donations maybe made under the name “Amanda Brockman Love Fund” account.

After the home of Dave and Amanda Brockman of Butler sustained fire damage from a fire on Monday, August 23rd, their home is unlivable for an unknown period of time.   

The Brockman family has a temporary home to stay in that another family member has provided. Unfortunately, because they have been removed from their own home this has caused a difficult increase in their living expenses. 

If you can and would like to donate you can go to Community First Bank and tell them it’s for the Amanda Brockman Love Fund.

Community First Bank has two locations in Butler. One at 915 W. Ft. Scott Street and one at 1109 W. Ft. Scott Street.

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