Major Drug Bust in Butler Tuesday, November 15

At approximately 6am this morning the Bates County Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team executed a search warrant at 405 S Mechanic in Butler Mo.  Four subjects have been taken into custody.   Multiple types of narcotics have been recovered to include heroin, methamphetamines, shrooms and possible fentanyl.   Along with drugs a sizable amount of cash and multiple firearms have been seized.   The target of the investigation is a convicted felon.

“Our community has been seeing an increase in drug overdoses.   Our narcotics officers are working diligently to identify the people who pollute our community and put our children ar risk.”  Says Sheriff Anderson.  “This is just the beginning.   We will not only go after the dealers but also those that traffic it up and down the highways and those that provide the housing for these career criminals.”   

The Sheriff’s Office was assisted by members of the Butler Police Department and will continue to work with other agencies.  

Additional information will be released upon those subjects being formally charged by the Bates County Prosecutor.