Meet Blue at Mullinax Funeral Home

Mullinax Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc.

When we are grieving the loss of someone we love, it has been proven that our furry friends can offer comfort and support that often eases our pain. Greg Mullinax would like to introduce you to the newest employee at Mullinax Funeral Home. His name is Blue. He is in training to become their Therapy Dog. He is little right now, and still learning but catching on fast. Blue possesses a gift that most dogs have: he can sense sadness and stress and tries to console you.

See, because Blue was born deaf, he has learned to hear with his heart. He proves that actions speak louder than words, and that no disability should keep you from enjoying life and helping others. Stop in at Mullinax Funeral Home and meet Blue, he loves people and visitors. Also, right now he likes toys, making messes, and taking long naps. The link below explains how many funeral homes are putting Therapy Dogs to work and how it helps people.…/