Miami County Fair Press Release and Comments

In News from the Miami County Fair. the President of the Miami County Fairboard never imagined they would  be dealing with a pandemic during fair season. Yet, here we are.

 The fair directly to our east of Miami County has cancelled, the fair directly to the south is scaling back and Sedgwick County has also thrown in the towel.

These three are just a drop in the bucket compared to other county and state fairs cancelling around the country. I know the men and women on these fairboards have lost countless hours of sleep struggling with what decision to make.

Linn County made the tough decision to cancel their “prime time events” such as the rodeo and derby and still proceed with their 4-H and FFA activities. The Miami County Fair Presidents stated “  this was a wise decision and one that focuses on the true reason we hold fairs.”

 Miami County Fair President stated “ If you want to be upset about a fair getting cancelled don’t be upset that you didn’t get to eat a funnel cake, watch cars smash each other or ride the tilt-a-whirl; be upset because youth that have invested hundreds or thousands of dollars caring for livestock and other projects won’t get to exhibit them. For our seniors this is probably their last show season and many are missing out on it; fairs and shows being cancelled will provide no opportunity for our youth to recoup their financial investment or receive recognition for their hours of dedication. You missing out on the carnival, derby, or parade won’t have a lasting impact on your life but our youth missing out on these educational opportunities will impact them for years.” The next time you hear of a fair being cancelled I hope you think of the impact it has on these youngsters. If you are going to be mad about a fair being cancelled be mad because the youth are losing valuable competitive and educational opportunities.

Miami County Fair President told the media that he is not saying that every fair continue; some might need to cancel due to the COVID-19 situation in their area. He is  simply hoping the public will realize that fairs are about more than their entertainment.they  aren’t just raising livestock, they  are using the livestock to raise our kids and hopefully teaching them valuable life lessons along the way. In agriculture we are used to hard times and this year is no different; as the FFA Creed states “…for I know the joys and discomforts of agricultural life…”

Once again the Miami County Fair has been Cancelled