Miami R-1 Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

Fall 2021

4 – Phase Plan

Phase “One”

Low Threat:

General Protocol—–

-Students and staff may practice social distancing and wear face masks.

-Increased sanitation.

-Individuals may choose to bring a water bottle for use on a daily basis. The district has installed additional bottle filling stations to accommodate the increased need.

-Increased access and use of hand sanitizer and instruction on proper sneezing/coughing/handwashing procedure.

-Seating charts will be required in most settings.

Phase “Two”

Increased Threat:

-All Phase “ONE” protocol + staff wear face shields or masks.

-Students will go to their homeroom/advisory class once they arrive at school in the morning.

– Student organizations will not have in-person meetings.

– Increased sanitization protocol.

-Students are encouraged to practice social distancing and wear face masks. (Instruction/retraining will be provided on proper mask use.)

-Increased sanitation.

-Individuals will need a water bottle for use on a daily basis.

-Seating charts will be required in most settings.

-Effort will be made to limit the number of groups on the playground at one specific time.

-No unnecessary visitors will be allowed.

-Please call prior, if possible, before picking up students, dropping off/picking up items, or any other purpose that typically would require entry to the building. Direct public access to the building during the day will be limited to help conserve cleaning efforts. Parents/visitors will be met at the door by a staff member, except in case of emergency.

-Please know, any classroom snacks will need to be individually prepackaged (no homemade snacks).


-Students will play as class groups.

-Classes/Grade levels will have specific play equipment only to be used by a particular class.

-Any play equipment that is shared will be sanitized between class group use.


-Breakfast will be “Grab and Go.” Those students eating breakfast will need to visit the cafeteria prior to heading to class to pick up their meals. Students will eat in classrooms.

-Lunch will be served in classroom groups/cohorts. The lunchroom will be utilized in such a way that students can eat in their classroom groups. If the space available in the cafeteria is insufficient for any specific lunch shift, we will incorporate use of classrooms.


-Buses will be loaded from back to front.

-Family group/siblings will sit together.

-Masks will be encouraged.

-Buses viewed as a cohort “no extra passengers.”

-Families are encouraged to provide their own transportation when possible.

Phase “Three”

School Exposure:

-All Phase “One” & “Two” protocol.

-Restricted student movement within the building.

-All meals eaten in classroom.

-Students will experience a hybrid educational setting. Students will receive instruction through both online/education packets and traditional class attendance. The purpose of alternating students from online/educational packets and attending class in-person will be to lower student numbers for social distancing purposes.

Phase “Four”

Building Shut-Down:

-Online classes/Educational packets.

– Meal deliveries.


*Movement between phases will be related to guidance received from the Bates County Health Department. Please be aware this plan is subject to change. The Miami School District will make adjustments to meet the continuously changing landscape as presented by COVID-19.

*Please know that Miami R-1 has invested in equipment for sanitation of the facility along with district owned/used transportation.

*Individuals who seek information specific to COVID-19 testing and vaccinations along with inquiries concerning diagnostic and screening test will be referred to Bates County Health Department.

*Contact tracing in combination with isolation and quarantine will be addressed through the guidance and expertise of Bates County Health.

*Continued monthly replacement of ventilation filters.


All Phases: Accommodations will be made as necessary or as mandated by an Individual Education Plan with respect to the health and safety policies.

Continuity of Services:

–       The Miami School district returned to in-person learning in August of 2020 and continues to provide in-person instruction moving forward.

–       If further interruptions occur with in-person learning due to quarantines or temporary closures, the district will provide instruction online. Students with disabilities will continue receiving services as outlined in their IEP.

–       The district will continue to provide for the social, emotional, and mental health needs of students and staff during in-person or online instruction. Our counselor will be available in-person and virtually to all students and staff.

*Continuation of appropriate accommodations for children with disabilities in respect to navigating the process of learning will address COVID-19 prevention/mitigation.

*This plan will be reviewed at a minimum of every six months. (The review will include the following stakeholder groups: students, parents, teachers, and administrators at all levels.)

*If you need or know someone who needs this plan translated or read to them, please contact, Dr. Johnson, 660-267-3480.