Miami School Annual Alumni Dinner Cancelled

It is w/ concern for our schools health and safety regulations that our Alumni officers regret to inform that we will not be having our annual dinner held in the school cafeteria in conjunction w/ Jubilee in September this year. Due to the uncertainty of the situation all schools find themselves in this year it has been impossible to make plans not knowing if we would be able to follow through. Even now as school starts, if a few cases are found within the students the school would have to close. They have special cleaning procedures in place and therefore we have chosen to not open the school and students to any possible outbreaks during these days of Covid19 concerns.
Who knows, maybe we will be able to have one at a different date. Alumni used to be held in June. It is something we may consider.
Alumni wishes the students, faculty and families in the Miami school district a safe and successful school year.
Thank you for your understanding as this was a hard decision for our board of officers.

Laurie Ann Lacy, President
Kandy Abernathy, VP
Lori King, Secretary
Dea Erickson, Treasurer