Miami School Letter to Parents and Students

Miami School advises students and parents about the rules for student with covid or quarantined. It is important for everyone to know and understand that the Miami R-1 staff is doing their best in providing your children the best education possible in these challenging times. If your child has tested positive or is quarantined, they are still required to complete their classwork as if they are in school. These students will be given grace providing the circumstances. The parents need to contact the school each day if the students are too ill to log in for class or if there are internet issues. If a student that is quarantined is choosing not to complete their assignments, it is going to be counted against them. The Miami school is equipped with the correct technology to assist the students who are quarantined while being instructed with the rest of their class that is still in the building.

Students that are absent (students not quarantined) do not receive the same privilege as the quarantined students. They are not allowed to be a part of the virtual components of each classroom, but they are still allowed to complete the work if they have access to it. The state has made it clear that it is important for students to be at school receiving in-person instruction from their teacher if they are able to do so. As a result, if a student is continually absent from school and is not quarantined or has not tested positive it will be counted against them. Absences can result in students not going on trips, being a part of classroom parties, participating in the end of year field day, and in extreme cases being a candidate for retention. It’s important for every student to be in school if they are not a positive case or quarantined so they can learn and retain the information needed to succeed at the next level in school.

If your child must complete packets, please pick up the packets immediately and return them in the drop box outside of the entrances to the Miami school.