Midway School Reopening Plan Letter

Dear Midway Families,

We’re excited to return to school in less than two weeks and we know families have many questions and concerns about how things will look this year.

We know that the best place for students to learn is in our classrooms. We also want to do what we can to keep our students safe and healthy.

Last night, the Board of Education met to approve a re-entry plan for the 2021-22 school year. Here are the main outcomes…

Masks in school. Masks are encouraged for all individuals when social distancing is not possible and may be required when directed by a staff member. Families are asked to have conversations with their children about their wishes regarding the wearing of a mask and to also talk about mask wearing as a choice for their friends. We expect all to show grace and respect everyone’s individual/family decisions on this matter.

Masks on buses. Masks will be required for everyone on all buses as buses are considered public transportation by federal guidelines, just the same as airplanes, at this time.

Close contacts. Contact-tracing with isolation and quarantine for exposure to COVID will continue and be done through the local health department. Support and assistance will be provided by our district nurse. Per the CDC, those who have received the vaccine and who do not show symptoms will NOT be required to quarantine if exposed to a positive COVID case. Also if it can be determined that both parties (the positive individual and the exposed individuals) were both properly wearing masks, quarantine will not be necessary for the exposed individual if he/she shows no symptoms.

Visitors. No parents or visitors will be allowed in the buildings when school is in session outside of emergency situations, by scheduled appointment, or invitation. Meetings that can take place online or on the phone will be done that way. Student sign-in and sign-out will occur at the front door. Parents should have their photo ID ready to show at the door camera when they buzz in. School staff will “sign in” or “sign out” the student in our iCampus system. The parent will not enter the building. Parents will wait outside if they are picking up a student. Staff will escort elementary students to the door.

At this time, there will be no limits on attendance at extracurricular events as these take place outside the school day and are voluntary to attend for fans. Masks are still encouraged at these events. More information on ticketing/admission fees/processes for events will be posted soon.

Layers of Protection.

Virtual Learning

It is a family’s choice to have their students participate in our virtual learning opportunities. If this is a decision that you feel is best for your child, please contact your student’s building principal by Friday, August 20, 2021.

The full plan is available on our website (https://www.midwayk12.net) and should be considered a “live” document. It may need to be updated as circumstances, recommendations, and guidelines change. The Board plans to re-address the plan at least once a month at their regular meeting.

With a school population of 500 students and staff members, it is impossible to meet everyone’s expectations. These decisions are difficult for all involved and are not taken lightly.

I would ask that we all continue to offer grace to our friends, families, and community members who may not share the same opinions as we do. Please remember that we face possibilities of change as the virus progresses and hopefully regresses. As those changes occur, we will continue to communicate with you.


Angela Gibson