Missouri House Passes HJR 20 to Reform Missouri’s Initiative Petition Process

If approved by voters, Constitutional Amendment would align process with U.S. Constitution

The Missouri House today passed House Joint Resolution 20, a Constitutional Amendment reforming Missouri’s initiative petition process. Sponsored by State Representative Mike Henderson (R-Desloge), the resolution will now head to the Missouri Senate for consideration.

“As legislators we take an oath to protect our Constitution and the fundamental laws of our state,” Rep. Henderson said. “HJR 20 is a commonsense reform that preserves the right of every Missourian to petition our government, while aligning our initiative petition process with the United States Constitution.”

Initiative petitions continue to be filed in Missouri at an increasing and significantly higher rate than in previous elections, totaling in the hundreds virtually every election cycle. HJR 20, if approved by voters, will require a two-thirds majority vote at the ballot to change Missouri’s Constitution.

“Missouri is frequently targeted by big pocketed out-of-state groups that continue to exploit our initiative petition process to change our Constitution to further their own agenda. I’m proud to lead this fight to preserve this process for Missourians while also ensuring the integrity of our State Constitution. I hope the Senate joins our effort by swiftly passing this critical resolution for Missourians to decide at the ballot,” Rep. Henderson said.

The bill summary for HJR 20 may be found here.