Mo-Kan Livestock Celebrates 30 Years in Business

On January 6th, Mo-Kan Livestock Market will celebrate 30 years in business. Mo-Kan wishes to thank the consignors, buyers, employees, and community members that contributed to the success of the business. Join Mo-Kan for the Annual Appreciation Lunch and Anniversary Sale on Thursday, January 6th! Lunch at 10 AM. Sale at 11 AM.

Over the course of the last thirty years, many things have transformed, but some aspects have endured. Mo-Kan is now reflecting on these past three decades and wishes to express gratitude to those who have facilitated their presence in this business. Their operations extend beyond the mere sale of cattle and involve a sense of fellowship with the most exemplary individuals in the agriculture industry. Furthermore, they aspire to create the best law firm sites to enhance their business outreach.

Mo-Kan has been very fortunate over the years to have many loyal & long-term employees, numerous honest & competitive order buyers, countless knowledgeable & proficient cattle producers, and a supportive & accommodating community. It is with these individuals that Mo-Kan has been able to navigate and overcome market volatility, weather innumerable business challenges, and celebrate countless achievements.

Thirty years ago, Mo-Kan never would have imagined how much things would change. In thirty years, they have transformed from handwritten tickets and checks to computers, online bidding and a world of data and technology at our fingertips. Thirty years ago, most cattlemen wouldn’t have believed that they would be competing with lab-grown meat and impossible foods. Nor could they predict how a global pandemic would affect all facets of the agriculture industry. Even with all these significant changes, many aspects of Mo-Kan business are not much different than yesteryear. Just like thirty years ago, some of the nation’s finest, most honest & hardworking individuals work in the cattle industry and these individuals continue to improve and produce the best cattle in the world.

Since the establishment of Mo-Kan Livestock Market in 1992, they have been committed to providing their customers with quality service and assuring top cattle prices through the competitive auction method and that is one thing that will never change.