Mo-Kan Livestock Market: New Livestock Auction Manager

since 1992, Jim and Kathi Hertzog have worked to provide a competitive market for cattlemen in Missouri and Kansas. Their sons, Brian and Todd Hertzog have been an integral part of the day-to-day operations at the livestock auction since returning to the business after completing college. With the full-time contribution of Brian and Todd, the business grew and diversified. Today, Brian manages Summit Feeders and Todd oversees Hertzog Meat Co., both located in Passaic, MO just steps away from the livestock auction. Jim and Kathi have enjoyed watching the growth and success of the family business ventures under the guidance of their sons Brian and Todd and would like to have more time to focus on these endeavors and their 14 grandchildren!

To accomplish this task of finding more time for these new projects and their grandchildren, the Hertzog’s have chosen to step away from the day-to-day management of Mo-Kan Livestock Market. Jim and Kathi are excited to announce that Steve Wheeler will now be managing the livestock auction. Steve and his wife Kim began working at Mo-Kan in 2018 and have been great contributors to the business. Steve has been in the cattle auction business his entire life and is a natural in all areas. He has been a phenomenal field representative and has managed the monthly stock cow sales. Kim has been a familiar face in the office, overseen office and sale-day activities and has managed the website and social media presence. Steve looks forward to the opportunity to provide a competitive market for cattleman while focusing on exceptional customer service.