“Museum Minute”, featuring Sadie Cresap

Sadie was born in Bates County in 1877 and was known to be one of the finest farmers in the area.  She loved the rhythm of plowing, planting, crop-tending, and harvesting.

Failing vision eventually caused her to move to Pine Tree Rest Home, (the Old Poor Farm that is now the Bates County Museum).  After losing her sight, Sadie enjoyed counting the kernels of corn on each cob in order to judge the quality of the crop.  Sadie Cresap died at Pine Tree in 1984.  She was 107 years old.  Her parents, Daniel and Ida Cresap, were some of the earliest settlers in Bates County.

The late Mildred Reynolds was head nurse at Pine Tree when Sadie was a resident.  Mildred painted this depiction of Sadie and her corn and before her passing she donated this painting to the Museum so Sadie, Pine Tree, and Mildred herself would all be remembered.  Sadie’s portrait hangs on the entrance foyer wall at the Museum where her image welcomes guests and visitors.

The Bates County “Museum Minute” presented courtesy of Mid America Live.