Museum Minute presents: This Week in History (According to Eddie Herrman Archives)

Happenings in the 3rd Week of January 14, 2021

1881 – Dr. Elliott Pyle plans a new building at Ohio & Delaware Streets, 25 x 100, to be called “Pyle’s Place.”  (Pennell Inn location)
1882 – Butler Street Car Railroad Company tell the City Council that it is ready to begin laying track from the Southwest corner of the square to the depot.
1884 – The Chicago Comedy Company plays to enthusiastic crowds at the Walton Opera House.
1877 – Mr. Shaw and Mr. Lansdown are arrested by Butler Marshal Herrell for selling unlicensed whiskey.
1882 – A meeting is held in Butler to try and persuade Dr. Lee of Kansas to build his insane asylum here.
1908 – The Schell City Opera Troupe performs to an overflow crowd at the Papinville Hall.
1874 – Dr. J. Everingham opens his office in butler on the West side of the square.
1895 – The Bates Co Democrat newspaper is pushing General JO Shelby as a candidate for Missouri Governor.
1906 – Major Ed S. Clark, of Butler, assures the city that there will be Company H of the Signal Corps, of the State Militia, in butler.
1906 – After several weeks’ intermission, because of scarlet fever, Mound Valley school, in Mound Township, reopens.
1910 – The Honorable H. C. Showalter gives his popular lecture “The American Girl, What Shall We Do With Her?” at the Hume Opera House.
1918 – The Hume Branch of the National Surgical Dressing Committee makes it 6th shipment of 1,367 pieces.
1882 – Charles Hallett, of Rich Hill, returns from Des Moines, Iowa, where he purchased 750 tons of ice, to keep Rich Hill cool this coming summer.
1924 – At the regular meeting of the Rich Hill Ladies Cemetery Association, it’s reported the cemetery has become a ‘spooners’ paradise and a crap shooters resort.  They vote to close the cemetery from 5pm to 7am.  Violators will be subject to a $50 fine.
1886 – 150 Bates Countians take advantage of the special, nearly-give-away rates on the new St. Louis-Emporia railroad from Butler to Kincaid, Kansas, and return even though everyone is digging out of the blizzard of a few days ago and the temperature is minus 20 degrees.