Museum Minute presents This Week in History: According to Eddie Herrman’s Archives

December 18, 1899 – The Bates County Courthouse is condemned and the occupants begin removing equipment as the walls seem ready to fall. 

December 18, 1882 – Several socialites, from Butler, take the 9 PM train to Rich Hill to attend the “Qui Vive Clubs” ball, at the Talmadge House.  They return, by train, in the wee hours.

December 19, 1870 – Someone puts arsenic in feed at the Crayton Owen farm, near Altona, poisoning 110 head of cattle and horses.  Several die.

December 19, 1848 – Southeastern Bates County is reeling from the six weeks of continuous sleet.  Cattle are dying and many broken bones have been suffered by beast and man.

December 20, 1906 – The State of Missouri Labor Bureau reports there are 41 manufacturing businesses in Bates County.

December 21, 1908 – Witnesses say a large meteorite, that fell in the Marais Des Cygne river bottoms bounced several times before disintegrating. 

December 21, 1861 – Major Williams and his 3rd Kansas Regulars have burned Butler and Papinville and have returned to Kansas.

December 22, 1871 – Ice six inches thick is being cut out of Mound Branch.  The editor of the Bates Co Record newspaper says it’ll make good ice water, come July.

December 23, 1903 – Candles on a Christmas tree catch the tree on fire and damages the Dr. Everingham home at 500 N. Main, Butler.

December 24, 1862 – For aiding and abetting the Rebels, Mr. Slater is shot by a firing squad of State Militia, on the northwest corner of the Butler square. 

December 24, 1879 – A shooting match is held at Stumptown, winners getting turkeys.

December 25, 1895 – The Butler Fire Department holds a grand ball and banquet, at the hose house, under City Hall, 215 N. Main.

December 25, 1882 – M. S. Cowles, Rich Hill merchant, gives Christmas entertainment and dinners at the surrounding coal mines.