Museum Minute Presents: This Week in History (According to Herrman’s Archives)

The Last Week of June in the Year:

1879 – Signor Meutanio walks the tight rope from the top of Evans Hall on the East side of the Butler square to the top of Hannah & Shaw’s new hotel on the East end of the North side of the square. 
1895 – A sensational fight between Imperial Flour Mill manager, J. F. Imbs and former employee, Louis Silva, results in both being jailed.  Rich Hill.
1944 – “Tags for Fags,” the American Legion drive nets $200 for cigarettes for the Yanks overseas. Butler.
1932 – A meeting is held in Foster bot build a shale road from Foster south to the gravel Rich Hill – Hume road.
1913 – Two railroad cars of brick are being unloaded.  They will be used to pave Ohio Street, from the depot to the Butler square.
1932 – Over 300 Masons converge on Butler in a joint conclave.
1880 – A petition is given to the Butler city Council to prevent hogs from roaming the streets and making wallows in them.
1882 – A large number of Bates Countian’s of German descent hold a picnic at ‘Devil’s Hollow’ southeast of Butler.
1875 – The editor of the Bates County Record newspaper lambasts County Officials for their pugilistic manners in the Courthouse. There have been 2 fights between elected officials in 10 days.  Butler.
1872 – A Deputy U.S. Marshal is in Rich Hill with subpoenas from Kansas City for Charley Masterson, Russell Hood, and Zeke Garner, charged with selling hootch or moonshine whiskey, and must appear before the grand jury to tell what they know.  Rich Hill City Marshal Dan Lawry corrals the 3, and they’ll be on their way to Kansas City, where they will have to ‘spill the beans.”
1885 – Someone takes the ballots of the North ward of Butler, before they are counted, and although Republican Morgan had the lead over Democrat Dickerson in the rest of the butler, the Council Appoints Dickerson as City Marshal.   ///  A few days later the County Court says the Butler City Council will have to continue to pay City Marshal Morgan, because the total ballots aren’t available, and Morgan was the incumbent, and even though they had appointed Dickerson as Marshal, even though the ballots available showed Morgan winning.
1897 – A tornado hits Rich Hill, Shobe, Worland, Amoret, & Amsterdam.  The Amoret Presbyterian church is destroyed and all but two houses in Amsterdam are damaged.
1883 – There are 27 post offices in Bates County.

Courtesy of Mid America Live