Museum Minute presents: This Week in History (According to Herrman’s Archives)

Happenings in the first few days of March ~

1929 – The J. C. Penney store opens in Butler in the old American Clothing location, East end of the North side of the Butler Square.
1836 – Harmony Mission, opened by missionaries from New York in 1821, to educate Osage children, closes, with disappointing results.
1938 – 2 pounds of hamburger, 25 cents, at McGuire’s Grocery, South end of the East side of the Butler Square.
1890 – Squire Eddy, of Prairie City, is in Rich Hill, informing everyone that they have established a cheese factory in Prairie City, with Judge Fix, the president.
1922 – Deputy Sheriff Bradley found a moonshine still near Maysburg in Mingo Township, which he is holding for the owner.  The still was a miniature affair, being made of a copper tea kettle which was rigged up in fine shape.  No signs of whisky or mash were found. 
1927 – The James P. Arnold American Legion Post # 46 selects a site in Oak Hill Cemetery for a burial plot for veterans, near the west side of the original cemetery.
1875 – W. H. Allen, physician and surgeon opens his practice in “Old Rich Hill”, north of present Rich Hill. 
1921 – A $60,000 fire destroys the light plant and damages the stores of O. M. Drysdale, and of Turner & Warner in Amoret.
1895 – Voters of the Crescent Hill district vote to build a new school, 2 miles north of Adrian.
1920 – The first of a two day Teacher’s examination is held in the Butler Circuit Court room and the subjects are:  Geography, Language, Algebra, Orthography, Grammar, Arithmetic, Reading, and Literature.
1919 – A large crowd attends the pie supper and program at the Foster Opera House.
1874 – The newly organized Women’s Temperance League confronts Butler saloons & drug stores to sign pledges not to sell booze.  Denny’s, Dixons, Dexter’s, and Cannon’s Saloons all refuse and Hensley & Shaw and Dr. Elliott Pyle drug stores refuse, saying they sell only for medicinal purposes.
1911 – “The Jolly Prune Peddler” is making his regular rounds with Amsterdam merchants.
1879 – The first bridge across the Marais des Cygnes River is under construction at Marvel.
1921 – The County Court pays bounty on 145 hawk heads at 50 cents each; 3 dollars each for 3 wolf pup scalps, and 10 dollars each for 6 wolf scalps.

Courtesy of Mid America Live