Museum Minute presents: This Week in History (According to Herrman’s Archives)

Mid-March Happenings in the Year…

1895 – Professor Litten, well known clairvoyant and trance medium, is at the Talmadge House in Rich Hill.  $1.00 charge.
1899 – Much damage is caused by a large twister that hits the Hume area.
1955 – After a series of workouts in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Eddie Herrman of Butler, is assigned to the Hot Springs Club in the Cotton States League and is to report tomorrow at the Kansas City Athletics training camp in Savannah, Georgie.  (Eddie Herrman of Herrman’s Archives)
1919 – J. F. Kern, originator of the Marias des Cygnes River drainage ditch project, says the new levee, 10 to 14 feet high and 8 miles long, will be completed this fall.
1885 – A 500 pound fire bell is now in place at Rich Hill, some say to wake up the waterworks engineer when there is a fire, so he can pump more water.
1917 – 18 Bates County rural school districts are paying their teachers $60 per month, with a few paying $70.
1918 – A. R. Fox, of Butler, enlists in the Aeronautics branch of the Signal Corps and will study at Cornell University for work at the wars front in France (World War I)
1895 – Three ladies of dubious character detrain at Rich Hill and proceed to do many unladylike things, leading to their arrest for drunkenness at the Merchants Hotel.
1929 – Because of the spring ‘thaw’, many large trucks are stuck on US 71 Hwy, between Butler and Harrisonville, because the gravel is giving way.
1895 – George Rowden and Henry Blum, both prominent Rich Hill citizens, are arrested by Marshal Hieronymous for engaging in a day long scrap over church matters.  Fined $6 each.
1874 – A runaway team & wagon careen around the outskirts of the butler Square.  At the rear of Wyatt & Powers store they knock over an outhouse, injuring an occupant, who was quoted as saying he thought he’d been in an earthquake.
1876 – A mass meeting is held in the courthouse, in Butler, to make arrangements for celebration of America’s Centennial, the Fourth of July, in Bates County.
1868 – Dr. Elliott Pyle can now be seen at his residence on the Northwest corner of the Square, Butler. (Pennell Inn Building)
1874 – J. W. Farley of Hudson City, witnesses a shootout at Monegaw Springs in St. Clair County where a deputy sheriff and John Younger are killed.  A detective is wounded, and James Younger escapes.

Courtesy of Mid America Live