Museum Minute presents: This Week in History (According to Herrman’s Archives)

Middle of March Happenings in the Year…

1866 – The Bates Co records, taken from the county before Order #11 in 1863, are moved from Pleasant Gap to the rebuilt Butler.
1881 – A woman, wielding a large whip, beats up on Dr. D. W. Snyder, at his West Pine residence, for allegedly writing an improper note to her daughter.  Butler.
1935 – Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World, Jesse Willard, is spending a few days in and around Butler.  He’s staying at the Inn Hotel and is looking at several farms in the area, hoping to buy some.
1885 – Printed in the Butler Weekly Times, “The Times suggested a new crossing to the South side of the square from the Courthouse and the next day it was erected.  See the power of the press, at the approach of an election!”
1915 – The heavy rains the past few days have put the streams out of their banks, and railroad bridges both north & south of Adrian are covered or are inaccessible.
1910 – Workmen have finished laying the first floor joists at the new high school, Havannah & Pine Streets, Butler.
1870 – Advertisement in the Bates Co. Record newspaper.  “For sale, 300,000 Osage Orange plants at $2 per thousand.  W. J. Terrell, Harrisonville.  (At one time nearly every fence row was Osage Orange or ‘hedge’)
1909 – 6 horses, 2 hogs, and 4 buggy’s are lost when Griggs Livery Stable burns in Rockville.
1912 – The world renowned “Blind Boone” and his Concert Company performs at the Butler Opera House, southwest corner of the square.
1895 – The Calvary Baptist Church is organized in Rich Hill with 13 members, unhappy with things at the First Baptist Church.
1929 – Bates Co Sheriff Hartley arrests Jay B. and George H. of Rich Hill for opening a still.
1915 – Mr. Rose, representative of the Anti-Cigarette League of Missouri speaks at the Hume Christian Church.
1960 – The last passenger trains of the Missouri Pacific railroad North bound # 232 & South bound # 221 pass through Bates County.
1936 – The Butler city council orders the purchase of and installation of the Great White Way electric street light system around the square and the surrounding business district.
1933 – Teachers at the Rich Hill schools unanimously sign a waiver to the school board, canceling two months’ salary, so the school board can finish this year and start in September.

Courtesy Mid America Live