Museum Minute presents: This Week in History (According to Herrman’s Archives)

End of March Happenings in the Year…1876 – Charles Henckler is agent for a book, “Life of the Younger’s, James Boys and Quantrill, the Guerillas of the West.”  Call on him, or at the Post Office, get a copy.
1875 – The last day of school exercises and program at the Hickory Grove rural school are disrupted by some drunken boys firing revolvers and making fools of themselves.
1895 – B. J. Coleman advertises in the Rich Hill Mining Review newspaper, “Pure unadulterated Rich Hill Whiskey, $2 per gallon.”
1884 – Two dandys, from Kansas City, arrive in Butler on the early train.  After breakfast they evidently walk to Pleasant Gap, where after dark, they blow the safe of Brooks & Maines, getting $40 or $50 in silver, then return to Butler in time to catch the early train back to KC. 
1926 – A large crowd attends the indoor carnival at Papinville, sponsored by the Ladies Aid.
1878 – The Bethel Presbyterian Church changes its name to the Mulberry Presbyterian Church.
1879 – Six 4 mule teams from Humansville pass through Butler on the way to the Black Hills.
1910 – Just after dark, a wind storm descends on Butler and lifts the roof from the American Clothing building, drenching the Elks meeting room on the third floor, with Dr. Chastain’s medical office directly under the Elks also sustaining damage.  East & North side of square.
1871 – One Week Only – Dr. A. J. Jackson, the well-known Surgeon Dentist has his rooms in the Dodge’s Photo Gallery, on the East side of the Butler square, where he can be found at any hour, but only for 1 more week.
1883 – A deed is executed transferring the Oak Hill Cemetery to the City of Butler.
1882 – A. J. Satterlee buys the drug store of Wiley P. Hall in Adrian.
1895 – Today Only!  A round trip Missouri Pacific railroad ticket from Rich Hill to Kansas City and return, only $2.25.
1905 – Two trains collide near Merwin when one pulls off on a siding to let the other pass and the switch isn’t closed.
1907 – The entertainment by the Butler High pupils, at the Butler Opera House, nets $116 for the school library.
1888 – Samuel Levy has put in new lamps, in his ladies wear store on the East side of the square.  They are 300 candle power, each, and almost equal to electric lights. 
1871 – The Butler jail is now holding 3 seemingly contented jail birds, two from Vernon Co, and all are chipping-in on the house work, much to the relief of the sheriff.
Courtesy of Mid America Live