National 4-H Week We salute the County Volunteers- Thank you Job well done

National 4-H Week will be celebrated October 6th through October 12th . 4-H is an organization that enables youth to have fun and meet new people. There are opportunities to learn life skills, set goals, build self-confidence, learn responsibility, and make decisions.

4-H leaders encourage team work and communication skills. The competition component helps youth develop ethics and learn to accept wins and losses gracefully.

4-H builds the leaders of tomorrow in your community, and it couldn’t be done without the leaders that volunteer their time and service to the children in your community. Parents, volunteers, community leaders, and extension staff share their time and talents with the 4-H youth.

Many of you may not know that 4-H stands for the 4 “H”s of a motto used to establish the organization.

The 1st H stands for – My head to clear thinking
The 2nd H stands for – My heart to greater loyalty
The 3rd H stands for – My hands to larger service
The 4th H stands for – My health to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world.

National 4-H week will be recognized across the United States this week. We take the time to salute the 4-H leaders in our community, those that attend and support the Bates County Fair, and the members of all 4-H groups.

2019 4-H Leaders

Altona 4-H Club of Adrian – Kirsten Collier

Ballard 4-H Club – Michelle Roach

Busy Beaver 4-H Club of Rockville / Prairie City Area – Karen Scrivener

Hume County Line 4-H – Melody Wikoff

Hudson Hustlers 4-H near Appleton City – Jamie O’Farrell and Jennifer Hawkins

Next Generation 4-H Club in Adrian – Alicia Merryfield

Butler Peru Star 4-H – Tabatha Vanmeter and Dorothy Carter

Butler Summit G0-Getters – Rebecca Randalls

V-52 4-H Club at Virginia – Michelle Williams

Thank you for giving of your time and energy for the members of our Local 4-H Clubs. You are shaping our future generation. Job well done! For more information to join a local 4-H group in our area or to volunteer your time for a 4-H group, contact the Robyn Echoff Youth Program Associate at the  Missouri Extension Office Located in the Bates County Courthouse. 660-679-4167.