Nevada Regional Medical Center Will Adjust Their Visitor Policy April 27th

Nevada Regional Medical Center will adjust their visitor policy, allowing one visitor per patient, per day beginning Monday, April 27th. Since March 17, no visitors have been allowed into inpatient areas, except for the maternity center and for end-of-life care. The decision to go back to one visitor was made after consideration of two important factors: Limited number of cases in the area and the importance of visitation by loved ones to the care of patients.

NRMC will continue to take every precaution and constantly monitor COVID-19 developments. Each individual, including employees and physicians, entering the hospital will continue to be screened for illness. Public points of entry will still be limited to the main lobby doors during visiting hours of 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., or through the emergency room after hours. Guests and employees must wear face masks, use proper hand hygiene, and abide by social distancing guidelines.

“We understand how hard visitor restrictions are for everyone – especially for patients and their recovery,” says Steve Branstetter, Chief Executive Officer at NRMC. “If we can safely allow a minimal number of visitors, we’re going to do that for the best interest of the people we care for. Policies will continue to be flexible while we navigate through this pandemic.”

As of Friday, April 17, NRMC reports having done 81 COVID-19 tests. Of those, two have been positive and 75 have been negative, with four results still pending. Both individuals with positive results have remained quarantined at home.