Nevada Regional Medical Center Celebrates Men’s Health Month

NRMC Celebrates Men’s Health Month

According to Men’s Health Network, men:

Those are startling figures, but small steps can encourage early detection of preventable diseases among men and boys and increase their overall health. June is Men’s Health Month, so Nevada Regional Medical Center (NRMC) is sharing tips on how you can protect your own health or help the men in your life stay healthy and happy.

• Don’t skip doctor’s visits. Many of the leading causes of death among men can be prevented. Regularly visiting your healthcare provider and establishing baselines for blood pressure and cholesterol can catch health issues before they become a bigger problem.

• Get moving. The benefits of physical exercise are extensive and can go a long way in prevention, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Use the warmer weather as an opportunity to be active outside.

• Mental health matters, too. Mental health is closely tied to physical health. According to the National Institute of Health, men are less likely to seek out mental health treatment than women. Staying on top of one’s mental health can help improve overall well-being and life satisfaction.

This Men’s Health Month, ask yourself or your husband, father, brother, son or friend if they’ve visited a doctor recently and what you can do to help them stay on top of their health. To find a provider of primary and preventive care for men, visit the physician finder at