New Addition for Rich Hill Family Care Clinic

A new project has begun at Rich Hill Family Care Clinic for an addition dedicated to the care of patients with respiratory illness.  Koehn Construction poured the foundation on March 30, and the project is scheduled to be completed this fall.

Designed to promote infection prevention, the addition will feature three exam rooms with internal access for staff, a separate patient entrance, and an HVAC system with an ion generator to kill airborne contaminants.

Family Care Clinics Supervisor Nancy Gardner, RN, said, “We are happy to be able to provide a space for our patients and staff to isolate respiratory illnesses from other parts of the clinic at our Rich Hill location. We have been fortunate to receive government COVID monies for these types of renovations and additions.”

In 2021, Bates County Memorial Hospital used COVID funding to complete a drive-thru addition to the High Street Family Care Clinic to examine and treat patients with contagious illnesses like COVID-19, flu, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and strep. The drive-thru allowed clinic staff to handle a much heavier case load during the past year’s waves of Delta and Omicron COVID.

The drive-thru model was not practical for the clinic in Rich Hill, but the new, separate space is fitting for the needs of the day and for the future: to offer patients convenience, comfort and safety during their visits while limiting the transmission of infectious disease to others.

Rich Hill Family Care Clinic is a rural health clinic of Bates County Memorial Hospital providing primary care for patients of all ages. Patients may schedule an appointment by calling 660-200-3627.

Family nurse practitioner Misty Tourtillott and her Rich Hill Family Care Clinic staff will soon have the use of a new, isolated clinic space for the testing and treatment of patients with respiratory illnesses. Pictured, from left: Kenna Glazier, receptionist; Tammy Montaleone, CMA; Misty Tourtillott, FNP-C, and Kelley Robb, LPN/Triage Nurse.