News Release from the Clinton Police Department

April 4 marks the 30th anniversary of the disappearance of Angela Hammond. Known as “Angie” to her family and friends, she was a recent graduate of Clinton High School and was well known and popular in the small community of Clinton, MO. Angie was abducted from a pay telephone booth at the corner of Second and Jefferson Streets. There has been no sign of her since.

On this anniversary, Clinton Police Department reiterate that Angela Hammond’s family is still in their prayers. Clinton Police Department refuse to classify this case as “cold” because they continue to search for investigative leads daily. A day barely escapes them without work or discussion on the case being held.

Early in the investigation, a description of a suspect vehicle was developed based on the recollections of the person Angie was talking with on the phone at the time of being abducted. That was a 1970’s model Ford pickup truck with a fishing scene in the rear glass. Much of the early parts of the investigation centered around that vehicle description. Hundreds of leads involving vehicles matching that description were followed up on, but never produced any significant evidence.

As the investigation progressed over the years, investigators decided to expand investigative possibilities that did not necessarily include the specific vehicle description. This opened new theories and produced legs of the investigation that had yet to be thoroughly explored. As each of these leads were investigated, many were satisfactorily eliminated for one reason or another. A lead is never dismissed in whole or in part until there is enough contrary evidence. There are still several active and open leads being considered.

Clinton Police Department stated that one of those leads originates from the Lake of the Ozarks region. A confidential informant played a crucial role in disrupting a significant illegal narcotics operation by testifying in a court proceeding. When the informant’s identity was disclosed during the case, he received a cryptic letter composed of cut and paste characters in the style of a ransom letter one might see in a movie about a kidnapping. The letter addresses the informant by the number that had been assigned to him to protect his identity before the court proceeding. It also mentions the informant’s estranged wife by first name. The letter was postmarked April 4, 1991, the exact date that Angela Hammond was abducted late that evening. The informant’s wife and his daughter- also named Angela- were living in Clinton, MO at that time.

After the Clinton Police Department spoke with several people of interest and potential witnesses, the theory developed by investigators is that, in retribution for the informant providing information that led to the prosecution and disruption of this criminal enterprise, a person or persons involved in the criminal enterprise planned and executed the kidnapping of the informant’s daughter. Some mistake was made as to the identity of the targeted “Angie”, who had some physical resemblance to Angela Hammond, resulting in Hammond’s abduction.

While the theory seems incredible, Clinton Police Department investigators have come across information that lends credibility to it and have so far been unable to refute it. This information is being publicly provided, in part, now with a plea. If you have heard a story like this one, or you have any information that could be related to this leg of the investigation, please get in contact with Clinton Police Investigators. A photo of a copy of the letter has been added to this post with the wife’s name and the confidential informant number redacted to protect the privacy of that family.

Very recently, a person left an anonymous telephone message for the Clinton Police Department regarding the Angela Hammond case. That person specifically mentioned two names. They did not provide a means for the Clinton Police Department to recontact them. If that person is reading this message, please re-contact Clinton Police Department so that they can speak with you in real time. Clinton Police Department will protect your identity or assure your anonymity.