New Rules for Butler Trash Service

Increase in sanitation services

Dear Butler Residence,

After 48 years, Bates County Disposal will no longer be providing the sanitation services for the City. Butler has been very fortunate to have Spud Welston as our contractor with his outstanding service and exceptionally low fee.

Countywide Disposal (which recently acquired Bates County Disposal) will now be our trash service provider as of January 1st, 2023.  They are committed to not only to provide superior service at a competitive price, they are also adding a few additional services. Those include providing a tip cart to all residence, an amnesty day for bulk items, and a City recycling bin.   

Unfortunately, the sanitation industry has seen their costs skyrocket just like everyone else. And like all businesses those costs are past down to the consumer.  Effective on your February billing, the new rate for sanitation services will be $22.22 per month.

Additional information is listed below from Countywide disposal.


Mike West

City Administrator